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ALL_SYNONYMS. ALL_SYNONYMS describes the synonyms accessible to the current user. It can be any general object such as a view, sequence, stored procedure, synonym, and so on. TABLE_NAME: VARCHAR230 Name of the object referenced by the synonym. Although the column is called TABLE_NAME, the object does not necessarily have to be a table. Oracle will follow the synonym and we will see data from the SCOTT.EMP table: In this case, the synonym created with the Oracle Oracle CREATE SYNONYM command is would be a private Oracle synonym. Only the user ROBERT can use the synonym created by this Oracle Oracle CREATE SYNONYM command. If the synonym belongs to a schema, you must specify its schema name. If you skip the schema name, Oracle will assume that you delete the synonym in your own schema. Second, use the FORCE keyword to delete the synonym even if it has dependent tables or user-defined types. To drop a public synonym, you use the PUBLIC keyword as follows. 14/12/2006 · We work in oracle applications where almost all tables are accessed via synonym and so almost any query writing from apps log in needs to have column look up for synonyms. Yes, I am looking at a synonym on a table in another schema but which I have a grant to Select on. Managing Oracle Synonyms. These are not your daddy?s synonyms, or your SAT?s synonyms; no, these are Oracle synonyms. An Oracle synonym basically allows you to create a pointer to an object that exists somewhere else.

A synonym is an alias for a database object table, view, procedure, function, package, sequence, etc.. Synonyms may be used to reference the original object in SQL as wel as PL/SQL. They can be used to hide ownership and location of the databa. db_link and synonym; Breadcrumb. Announcement. If both users are having a table with same name tab then whose table the synonym. Classes, workouts and quizzes on Oracle Database technologies. Expertise through exercise! Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform Services. 10/08/2015 · It'd help to know what version of Oracle, but as of 10g--No, you can't make a synonym for a schema. You can create synonyms for the tables, which would allow you not to.

1/ How are privileges on synonyms and underlying objects related ? If one has rights on synonym, would he automatically has rights on the table and vice versa ? Oracle says When you grant object. In oracle, if the other database is within the same server, I did the following to create a synonym. CREATE SYNONYM synonymName FOR databaseName.schema.table; What should I do to create a synonym for tables in a database hosted in a different server so that I could provide the server connection credentials. I need this for both oracle and netezza. IND isn't a reserved word -- it just is public synonym to a dictionary table. Now can I hint Oracle to use T1 the public synonym rather than the Table in schema DEV I am logged on to DEV schema. This is a test i am doing for my knowledge and its not used in any application.

Can I create a private synonym for another user using dynamic SQL from within a packaged procedure. The reason for the question is this: I have a system that has field or column level security, i.e. some users can see all of the columns in table a, whilst others can only see some of the columns in table a. implicitly change the OT synonym to reference the new table name: SQL> alter synonym ORDER_TABLE for REL001_ORDER_TABLE_REVISION02; Oracle Rdb assumes, but does not check, that the new table is identical in structure column names and types to the previously referenced table, or at least contains a superset of columns of the original table. I have the table user_synonyms in which I can see the name, table and table owner. Is there a way to see if this synonym is still valid i,e. if the referencing table still exists without trying it. How to check all invalid synonyms in Oracle. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 9 months ago.

I would like to see the constraints defined in a synonym of a table. When a type SQL> DESCRIBE table_name; It shows me only the number of each column, the not null flag and the size. How ca. Private synonyms needs to be qualified with owner names. CREATING SYNONYMS. To create a synonym for SCOTT emp table give the following command. create synonym employee for scott.emp; A synonym can be referenced in a DML statement the same way that the underlying object of the synonym can be referenced. Our team utilized AWS Schema Conversion Tool SCT to convert the source Oracle database to PostgreSQL. SCT creates wrapping objects for the synonyms for tables, views, procedures, and functions. The picture below shows that SCT creates a view for Oracle synonym for a table. I know that I havent mentioned schema name nor created a synonym on that table. Requirement is I would like to refer to that table without creating synonym. without using schema name and also without altering the session to use current schema after logging in like alter session set current_schema =. Connor and Chris don't just spend all day on AskTOM. You can also catch regular content via Connor's blog and Chris's blog. Or if video is more your thing, check out Connor's latest video and Chris's latest video from their Youtube channels.

Oracleis it possible to create a synonym for a.

What are synonyms in PL/SQL on Oracle? - Quora.

17/10/2013 · Hi All, I want to rename table or synonym owned by HR as a SYS user. SQL> rename hr.emp to hr.emp_old; ERROR at line 1: ORA-01765. DESC table DESC view DESC synonym DESC function DESC package In Oracle 7 you could describe individual procedures e.g. desc DBMS_UTILITY.GET_PARAMETER_VALUE In Oracle 8/9/10 you can only describe the whole package: desc DBMS_UTILITY. It is also possible to describe objects in another schema or via a database link e.g.

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